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I, Vampire

Reviews of I, Vampire

Frank Denton, SEATTLE TIMES: "This reviewer doesn't even like vampire stories. But I enjoyed this one immensely and recommend it highly." trading platform

Pamela Sargent, SF writer and editor: "I liked I, VAMPIRE enough to check it off on the Nebula ballot. I'm still of the humble opinion that it is the equal (in a couple of cases, the superior) of the books that are apparently on the final ballot."

Ian Watson, Nebula Awards judge, writer and editor: "Am enjoying I, VAMPIRE greatly. The book has marvelous verve to it and your vampire's just the sort of character I like. I also, by the way, enjoyed PASSING FOR HUMAN when it came out."

Bruce Boston, BERKELEY POETS JOURNAL: "Serious and brilliant fun."

ALTERNATIVE BESTSELLERS, London: "Refreshes the parts other fiction cannot reach, she uses science fiction to quest on the meaning of reality and the nature of humanity."

LOCUS magazine: "...Jody Scott continued her self-promotion campaign at L.A. Con with a giant hot air balloon and autograph party for I, VAMPIRE which moved 300 books in an afternoon."

And from the late, great Beat author William S. Burroughs: "Many thanks for I, VAMPIRE. 'To be stuck permanently in this body until I died--how would that feel?' How many times have I asked that?".......

Robert Coover, author of THE PUBLIC BURNING and ORIGIN OF THE BRUNISTS, winner of The William Faulkner Award: "I read and enjoyed I, VAMPIRE--especially those marvelous characters of the Rysemians having a lark in their funny human bodies. I mention the book to students (Brown U.) and have nominated you for a Guggenheim."

Russell Banks, author of TRAILER PARK, CONTINENTAL DRIFT, THE SWEET HEREAFTER and many other novels and films: "Many thanks for I, Vampire which I am enjoying very much. I hope your book does well, clearly, it deserves to...Wonderful time-travel and voice."

Michael Shea, World Fantasy winner: "A delightful quality...such funny inventiveness...great! The voice in itself was tasty throughout. The sweep and slash of comic hyperbole given such a graceful measure. "Thanks for producing such generous spirited work." bull market

Author Bio

Jody Scott, or Joann Margaret Huguelet as it says on her birth certificate--Mr. Scott came later closely followed by Mr. Wood, two characters out of P.G. Wodehouse (if Wodehouse had happened to marry Jean Genet)--was born in Chicago of an old-settler family of Fort Dearborn (as the toddlin' town was once called) with loose ties to the underworld. This will be explained in fuller detail if you'll be kind enough to send me a check of any denomination. Send it to my pals at Cyberspyder and they will forward it to me (with any luck) or send it directly to --remember, Stephen King makes 47 million dollars a year, did you know that? And Philip Roth &Joyce; Carol Oates, Patricia Cornwell and all the others are not far behind, whereas I make nothing. Is that fair? Certainly not, so if you want more wonderful books and stories, if you want me to continue to exist and keep writing, please send a check.

In any case--Ms. Scott attended Daniel Boone grammar school, Senn High, North Park College, Northwestern U. and U.C. Berkeley before crying out in clear, ringing tones: "Enough of this crap. If you wanna be a writer never, NEVER go to college or you'll come out a brainwashed zombie who offends nobody but writes like everyone else or as Monty Python used to say: 'Dull, dull, dull!'--the L's sounding like W's." Our subject then worked as a sardine packer, orthopedist's office assistant, Circle Magazine editor (knew Henry Miller and Anais Nin), artist's model at Art Institute Chicago, factory hand, cabbage puller (in Texas where I was arrested with my buddy Don Scott for hitchhiking and slapped around then thrown in jail for eight days; how stupid can "The Law" be? Its reasoning was: my gay friend {close pal of Leonard Bernstein and Tennessee Williams} had long hair, therefore we must be criminals), blue movie maker, headline writer for the Monterey Herald (that's where I got my spare, lean style), bookstore/art gallery owner, vacation land salesman and at many other fascinating trades, spent six months in Guatemala (in Antigua enjoyed a night alone with Gore Vidal at his house both madly talking) and now lives in Seattle in a falling-apart house choked with ivy and blackberry brambles a stone's throw from Puget Sound and is the winner of the America's Ugliest Couch contest upon which I write every day from 9 AM to 2 PM Pacific time. If you'd like more, send in that check in any amount but HURRY PLEASE! This offer, like its author, ends soon. bear market




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