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The name, Sterling O'Blivion, I love it. God, I wish I was half that creative. I liked the chapter, it has a good feel, it doesn't seem like something that drags or makes me want to skip ahead, which, sorry to say because I loved it, the other "I, Vampire" made me want to do. Hmm. Yes, you're book is intriguing. I will read it, most definitely. It's on my list, and oh how full my reading list is. It's going to be a long summer.

I would quite like to keep in touch with you, if you wouldn't mind it. I have hardly any friends who are, how should I put it, "book happy." I call the library my home and so my friends call me a loser, a fair enough sentence I think.

Pleased to have met your acquaintance Miss Jody,


"Ron Battaglio feared no one save for his accountant and his inventive and dominant mistress, Miss Tahlia. The memory of latex rubbing together and the crack of thunder outside brought a faint smile to his Beeswain-coated lips. Ms Red Phone flicked a wan, rare smile as Enmity the pit bull cocked his head wistfully. She held out a finger full of tiramisu. He padded over, a loose, saucy, insouciant step, like a ballet dancer or a football striker on Holiday in Naples. He licked the creamy fillip from her finger and wagged the stump of his tail. Ron put out his cigar in a reproduction of the Triangle Shirt Building. He muttered in liquid Portuguese as the 50-inch HDF set broke in with another vague and unfocused Homeland Security warning."

Just a snippet, and a pen raised in honor of the Jody Scott site and her good Self..

mike kane <mjk91@earthlink.net>
North Hollywood, CA USA -
checked it out and have sent it on to a few freinds and asociates!!! thanks... how could we get hold of some of your books here in new zealand???????
shazz <jodie_h22@hotmail.com>
new zealand -
I have had a bad out look on fiction books; or maybe just bad writers, but I know when to give credit when it is due. And you my friend are indeed worthy. Your quick wit towards life tied within the stories is what truley makes me want to keep reading. So please keep me going.....
Therese Bucci <Spygyrl@aol.com>
Philadelphia, PA USA -
Interesting site. Guess we need to get the word out to the rest of the public.
Jo Gallagher <Jypcy54@aol.com>
Glendale , AZ USA -
Hello Jody, Yes, I enjoy your website. Always happy to see you both.
Don Coffman <dcoffman@u.washington.edu>
Shoreline, wa USA -
I finally found a copy of Passing for Human and I'm really enjoying it. As for your columns on the war, thanks for so eloquently putting into words the other side of the story. Hang in there
Scott Wilcock <bighornemb@aol.com>
Minneapolis, MN USA -
Hi Jody, I read I,Vampire and PFH many years ago, and somehow lost them lending them to friends. They are absolutely two of my favourite novels, I have looked for years in 2nd hand stores to find them all over the world as I tour with various bands as a keyboard tech. Thanks to your links I have just ordered one, and will get the other soon... Very happy to have found your site, I'm sure your characters must relect an author with a gorgeously inhuman (or perhaps Truly Human) mind. Thank you for many happy h urs reading and imagining.
Steve Jones <agenttriez@mac.com>
Sydney, NSW Australia -
I read both first chapters. GREAT fun. I bet you're devilishly fun to hang out with.
Hi, Jody! YOU REALLY HAD ME GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read the article about the dogs in the park and ate up every bit of it....... until I got to where the cop lay dead in the park for what seemed like an eternity! rofl! I got so mad about the city council! And when Jawper said that dogs don't pay taxes, I thought to myself, "Jasper should go back to the council. Cause if Jasper lives in my county, he indeed pays taxes on his dogs!! AND if he pays taxes on his dogs, then his dogs have rights!" Man, I was on a roll! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Take care :) Vivian
Hi -- Sorry to bother you, but I just saw aour note to my friend Melisse's email list. You're THE Jody Scott??? I am so happy to know your email address. Your novels Passing for Human and I, Vampire are two of the best novels I've ever read. I read them years ago, and I can remember scenes to this day. I guess I don't have too much else to say, but I hope you've got another book or three on the horizon. I will buy any novel you write. You are really one of the best I've ever read. all best, Doug Clegg
Doug Clegg
Still fighting the good fhght, oh noble one. And good on ya for it! ....Because remember, truth impinged even if they don't know what u'r talking about or believe u. Keeshz@aol.com
keeshz <keeshz@aol.com>
Jody, I read your current article and must admit that I found it very interesting. My mind rocketed with the possibilities of this story... of where things have been and where they shall go. A journey of self-discovery where the "self" wasn't willing to spend much energy discovering after all.... typical of our society. Comfort above work, ease of moving through this life pushing past it all just to have what we want and crave as simple minded beasts. It was thought provoking to say the least and I shall ponder it over and over, I am sure. Thank you for sharing this with me. I'm looking forward to spending more time reading some of your articles. Larkin
Larkin <larkin sb@aol.com>
that woman with the sword is me....
Hi Jody :) Love your articles! Educate us... we need it LOL
Steph <steph@cyberspyderwebservices.com>
Fort Smith, AR USA -
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