It's the fight of the century ladies and gents! In this corner at 440 pounds in brandnew, designer satin red-white-and-blue trunks--AMERICA! And in that corner at 40 and one-eighth pounds, crummy, smelly, freezing to death with every rib sticking out, wearing a disgustingly dirty loincloth--AFGHANISTAN.

Oh boy, at last we're all happy. We love a good fight; a good fight proves how brave we are. Now there's a new war and it looks like we are WINNING and the cheerleading of our heroic President makes us feel oh so patriotic and important! Without a good, exciting war our lives are suddenly seen to be empty, pointless, wearisome, unbearable and when you come right down to it--utterly meaningless, so thank God (or the tooth fairy) for this brave new war of ours.

We were all happy when our Leader announced "War is declared"--never mind that only Congress can declare war--never mind that The Enemy is not a nation but only a single, very rich hoodlum (a man we have yet to find)--amd we were even happier in the act of dumping billions of dollars' worth of bombs (making munitions manufacturers even richer than they already were) on our enemy--again never mind that after arming those people against the Russians a few of years ago, instead of running out on them and ignoring them, we should have stuck around and begun the hottest red-hot advertising campaign in history, designed to sell them on how much better Our Way is, and with massive supplies and aid (aid that works--not dropping peanut butter on people who think peanut butter is either a toy, maybe it's paint? or maybe a scabies cure. They've never seen the stuff before. Their culture, surprise!, is totally different from ours). In other words you can't just go in and use a people for YOUR purposes, then dump them cold and stupidly wonder "Goodness, why do they hate us? Golly, why did the crazies among these people want to hurt us?"--because that is just plain senseless.

At the moment it's popular to say that "Sept. 11 was just like the bombing of Pearl Harbor." Yes, and a mouse is just like a pride of lions. In 1941 at the beginning of World War II people were still only people, but what can I say about the citizens of today? What are they? I think Americans have been greatly diminished. Since WWII "education" has gone downhill at an amazing clip, and in my book this is no accident. Fed lie after lie, trivialized by constant advertising that adds fuel to the ever-expanding greed for material stuff, our people are consumers and not much more. At the top are the Bill Gateses and the computer-tenders and lawyers, the pols and the doctors (wildly highly paid and admired, these latter have killed more people than all wars and car accidents combined but are still worshipped by the peasantry). I won't even mention the psychiatrists who, lacking a workable technology have hooked millions of children on "medical" drugs. (Note: medical drugs are the same as street drugs. Don't be fooled. A killer caste is a killer caste.)

Today, right now, thousands have been thrown in jail for the crime of being foreign. You think this won't come back like a boomerang and hit you in the teeth?

Our cowardly Puppetmasters LOVE to have a finger up your butt. "It's war. Your rights are hereby suspended and we, the Government, can do anything we want to, to YOU, and make you eat it and then say how 'patriotic' you are being." But you're not being patriotic, you are being irresponsible. Governments do things to cause these wars so they can then strip all of us of our hard-won civil rights. Don't fall for this oldest trick in the book. Stand up and demand that your leaders act in a sane manner (AND pronounce the word "nuclear" correctly).

I'm mistaken, you say? Read some history, read a book, do a little research, don't just swallow everything the Puppetmasters tell you. Their first responsibility is to their own class, the people who got them elected, the 0.01% of the population that owns 99.99% of the world's wealth--think about this! What kind of compulsive maniac wants to get (and stay) rich by stripping bare his (her) own society? These are not happy people. They need wars, don't you get it? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all got together and waved our flags for something positive--something truly patriotic for a change; something (like word clearing for instance) that really promotes the common welfare?

The guy who keeps saying "We all must be happy to give up our rights for the duration"--this grim-faced, terribly serious and important fellow never gave up a "right" in his life. Servants, private jets, immunity from accusation no matter how justified, he doesn't have to wait in line with you! He is your Puppetmaster. This fellow could have (if he wanted to) easily negotiated his way out of any war or any attack, anywhere, years before it has a chance to happen. But he doesn't want to. He needs that war to impress and oppress YOU and to stay on top.

If you stop falling for all the codswallop they feed you, these damfool wars of theirs would come to a flying whoa. The power is in your hands. If there's a war it's because YOU want and will accept it.

If all the morons who ran out to fight the Civil War had realized these things, our country wouldn't have been torn apart, old Abe Lincoln couldn't have suspended everyone's rights and closed down the newspapers and all but wrecked our U.S. with one of the most crippling wars in history. Our country was all but finished--the scars are still raw--Abe "freed the slaves" you say? No, it was technology that freed the slaves. The invention of farm machinery made it no longer economically feasible to keep and feed a slave population. War never does anything good. Not ever.

So get smart, people. Pull up your socks! You can turn this planet into a glass marble (look up "nuclear weapons" in your encyclopedia), or you can open your eyes before it's too late. Or would you rather sit there eating french fries dipped in ketchup and calling ME a traitor for speaking the truth? I'm no traitor; I'm the biggest, gutsiest Patriot you ever saw and I'm telling you that only YOU can stop these junior highschool boys (your estimable leaders) from escalating this scuffle into a full-scale war with nuclear weapons. Rhetoric aside, that's what they're aiming for. And it's not their "fault" that they aren't sane; they've been woefully miseducated, they can't pronounce the word NUCLEAR and do not know what it really means. Every war could be stopped years before it happens--and not by searching YOUR luggage for godsake! That sort of nonsense could go on forever without making YOU one bit safer; why not opt for a solution that works?

Something is very wrong here. You may not know it (because you didn't see it and cannot feel it) but the U.S. has gone down into a steep decline in the past 60 years. You've probably not been aware of the ebbing intelligence of the American reader, but you've surely seen the dehumanizing commercial exploitation of everyone including yourself and your family.

So when Bush says: "You are either with US or with the terrorists" I object to the bullying implicit in this "speechwritery" slogan. For one thing, Bush is a man who says "NUCULAR." What he's telling me is that I'm either willing to entrust my future to a President who says "NUCULAR," or to a woman-despising Fundamentalist psychotic dirtbag who only wants to harm others! And that's not much of a choice, is it? True, Bush is personally charming and has proved that he can learn. That's a giant step in the right direction but he also has access to teams of million-dollar speechwriters churning out empty rhetoric to dazzle the masses and he has more coaches than you can count, but--apparently none of them has the brains of a beaver. OR has a good dictionary.

Unbelievably enough, despite all the expensive help he can rely on, our President still says NUCULAR.

Do you think mispronouncing an important word like NUCLEAR is a small thing? A gaffe we can (and must) overlook because we are so "patriotic"? Let me tell you something: if that's what you think you are an ignorant, bloodthirsty barbarian who can only wind up getting us (as a species) wiped out. Let me tell you something else, Oogala Caveman: if you mispronounce a word it means you do not have a correct definition for that word. It means you do not know what you are saying. Imagine a group of nations that each have nuclear power but their leaders don't understand what this means. How soon will it be before some war-loving moron feels that he (she) just MUST press that button? It's dangerous not to understand the words you use, my friend. If you don't understand a word it will make you physically sick. You'll get angry. You'll have strange, spinny feelings and won't grasp anything you read about that subject from that point on. In other words, you simply do not understand the very subject you are standing there trying to unload on a nation of people who are really far more intelligent than you seem to think, and who essentially do NOT believe in using bombs to settle their differences.

But now we have Pres. Bush, the Commander in Chief of the Army and the Navy AND Education, who doesn't understand the very word upon which the end of our world is about to depend. My God, do you frantic flag-wavers know what you're doing? Now listen and listen closely:

It is NOT a small thing to mispronounce a word like "nuclear." If you think it is, obviously you were trained to be a moron. Also obviously, the Govt does not want you to grow up intelligent. If you were truly intelligent they couldn't get away with half the stuff they always get away with--such as allowing (or encouraging) wars to break out. War is only a confession that YOU cannot communicate. Communication is based on words. If you don't understand (and understand thoroughly) the words you use, you won't be able to communicate and will sooner or later get into serious trouble. If you happen to be President and cannot pronounce the word "nuclear"--then God help this suffering, soon-to-be-dead planet!

Probably by now someone on his staff has drilled the President on how to pronounce "nuclear" but such superficial learning is not enough. He needs to be word-cleared. Word clearing is a technology that works; that's why the government will have nothing to do with it. It's a workable technology! And I know how to use it. I hereby volunteer to Word Clear President Bush. I'll come to Washington D.C. whenever he likes and will do it for free. It will take about two weeks, at the end of which time he will KNOW what "nuclear" means. He'll know what he is talking about.

A great man once spoke of "A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights." This same man created the technology of word clearing and also defined the word "integrity" as:

"Having the courage to know and say what you have observed. There is no other integrity."

Our whole culture is designed to make you weak, frightened, easy to handle. People have been forcibly bent out of shape until unable to think with the data thay are given. Your instilled habits of language nullify your creative will. You're in a terrible situation and don't even know it!

In my book, there is no moral justification for bombing children. Yet you follow blindly and passively and call it patriotism--ignoring the evil abuses of the CIA and FBI that helped bring this war to our doorstep If waving a flag gives you the illusion of security, go ahead and wave one--but YOUR responsibility goes far beyond that. You may not know it but you, you personally are extremely powerful, an unstoppable force--why settle for the kind of stupidity that will get the air cover ripped off our planet? If you don't give a damn about people think about this: what we are doing isn't fair to animals, the lovely creatures of our sweet Earth, you ridiculous nucular hoodlums! And you can't blame it on a gang of even more ignorant psychos like Bin Laden and his crew--about them you need only say, "This person is psycho and needs to be removed from the environment." No courts, no laws, not even a serial killer deserves all the claptrap of an unfair and awful System that has proved over and over again that it doesn't work! And aside from the 2.5 percent of people who are real criminals--about the others, don't you remember what the word "stewardship" means? It's your job to teach and help these people--not bomb them.

Which brings us back to subliteracy. This same Pres is in charge of creating a new "educational program" to be used by every child in this country. And he hasn't the slightest idea of how to do it or what it means--need I say more?

"Sleep tight, ya morons!" Remember Holden Caulfield? That's what Holden yelled out when he left his dorm for the wild streets of NY, disgusted with his prepschool and all the rich, smug, self-satisfied students in it. So, ladies and gentlemen, put down your bombers and go get yourself word-cleared so you can find out what the hell is going on on this planet we share. Before doing so is beyond our grasp. Forever. I know that "forever" is a big word but careless people who say NUCULAR are just the ones to finish us off as a species--kaput, extinct, "We'll meet again, don't know where don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day" as they all sang in Dr. Strangelove before the whole thing blew up...remember?

POST SCRIPT: No need to ask if I'm glad the Taliban has been routed. Of course! But had the U.S. been on the job those vermin wouldn't have found a window to crawl through in the first place. That's my whole point. Dropping bombs after YOU mess up isn't what I'd call a heartwarming act of courageous American heroism; it's more like (not too put too fine a point on it)...the mind-numbing stupidity of the quasi-sane.

You can stop any war years before it breaks out--but only if you're sane, and sanity begins with a true understanding of WORDS.

This is the most important lesson you'll ever learn.




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